Plea Sheet

Plea Sheet

Plea Sheet

Plea Information

Per Wisconsin State Statute 971.06:

Plea of Guilty

If you enter a please of Guilty, you are admitting that you committed the offense and if the arrest report contains the necessary elements, you will be found guilty and a penalty will be imposed.

Not Contest

If you enter a please of No Contest, you are neither pleading guilty nor not guilty, but merely want to have the matter resolved and pay the penalty. The effect o this please is that you will be found guilty, but you will not be admitting your civil liability for use in other litigation, which should be expected where personal injury or property damage is involved.

If you are convicted you will be given an opportunity, if you wish, to make a statement, before the Court examines your conviction record and sets the penalties.

If you can substantiate that you are unable to pay the forfeiture due to poverty, you are to notify this court; in which you may be placed on a payment plan. If you fail to pay, the Court will set an alternative penalty of imprisonment in jail, suspend your driving license for up to 2 years, garnishment of wages and/or a tax interception of your tax return.

Not Guilty

A not guilty plea, you deny committing the offense and the matter will be adjourned to a Pre-Trial or to a later date for a Court Trial.