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April 4, 2018
Written by Charlene Meier

Following the example of surrounding counties, Oconto County will soon have a leadership development program for its residents. The effort is being steered by a nine-member group under the auspices of the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC), Paul Ehrfurth, Executive Director. Meeting monthly the Leadership Oconto County group is using the curriculum of Shawano County as a guide as it forms the sessions that will begin this fall.


Over the course of nine months participants will meet each month for an all-day session that will include lectures by experts from the area, readings & follow-up discussions, hands-on activities, tours of county businesses, agencies, and local government as well as non-profits – all to educate potential leaders on what’s happening in their county and how they can become involved. Among other activities, the group will develop a community project that meets a need they’ve discovered.


This new program will develop leadership skills [from how to run a meeting and serve on a board, to public speaking etc.] as well as look at county history & resources, local and state government, diverse county populations, business climate & tourism, education, health care and wellness, and personal development helps among others.


Applications will be available by June 1st to be submitted by July 15; a face-to-face interview will follow; if accepted, the applicant will pay a registration fee and be enrolled in the program which will begin with a dinner and orientation night in August. For more information, please contact the OCEDC office in Oconto at [920] 834-6969 or visit

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